S01E10: Thomas Pynchon

This week we discuss the work of Darius's favourite author, Thomas Pynchon. Darius has read Pynchon's entire output multiple times; Emma has read one and a bit of his books, and seen an excellent film adaptation, but has an alarming number of opinions anyway. We talk about the roles of paranoia and intertextuality in Pynchon's work, his life and creative output, and whether it's really fair for The Crying of Lot 49 to end the way it does. Emma cries laughing at the name of a character in Gravity's Rainbow, and Darius talks about the compassion, beauty and social justice underlying Pynchon's prose. Content warnings: fairly dark and extremely irreverent (but not detailed) discussion of suicide, and a brief mention of Naziism, both in relation to Pynchon's characters. This will be the last episode of the first season of Too Much Not Enough, because life happens (and sometimes it happens all at once), but we'll be back in December with a regular weekly schedule again.